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PrepareBetter.in is a place where the students who are preparing for competitive exams like bank PO, Government Jobs or PG entrance exams can find useful tips regarding their subjects.


Approach to prepare better for the exam

Preparation approach can be a critical thing for any competitive exam. You should use pen and paper as less as you can during preparation. You should do most of the calculations in your mind. Don’t tend to write everything on the paper. This is contradicting from your academics preparations, but in competitive exams, time management is a very crucial thing. You should spend very less time to solve any question. And to do this, you should do most of the calculations in your mind. To do these calculations, there are many shortcut methods provided in this website. This way you can train your mind for any competitive exam.


How To Improve Calculation Speed?

The list of the things you should know to improve calculation speed.

  • Multiplication tables up to 20.
  • Squares up to 30.
  • Cubes up to 20.
  • Powers of 2 (up to 12).
  • Powers of 3 (up to 8).

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