Here are some rules for the use of Apostrophe 's' or possessive nouns.


Rule: Possessive case is used with the nouns of living things.

  • This is Sachin’s bat.
  • The car’s wheel is punctured (Wrong)
    The wheel of the car is punctured (Correct)


Rule: Non-living things are used in possessive case when they are personified.

  • Ramu is at deth’s door.
  • This is earth’s surface.


Rule: Possessive case is used with nouns denoting space, time or weight.

  • I want a day’s leave.
  • Shila will be back in a month’s time.


Rule: If two or more noun jointly possess something then possessive sign is put on the latter only.

  • Sachin and Saurav’s partnership was awesome.
  • This is Rahul and Sonam’s shop.


Rule: If else is used after somebody, anybody, nobody etc then apostrophe is used with else.

  • I obey your orders and nobody else’s.
  • This watch is not mine, it is somebody else’s.


Rule: Apostrophe is not used with possessive pronouns like; his, hers, yours, mine, ours, its, theirs, etc


Rule: Apostrophe is not used with two consecutive nouns.

  • Sonal’s car’s colour is very nice. (Wrong)
    The colour of Sonal’s car is very nice. (Correct)