Future tense is used to show things which are going to happen in future.

There are four types of future tense

  • Simple Future Tense
  • Future Continuous Tense
  • Future Perfect Tense
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense


Simple Future Tense

Simple future tense is used to say about an action that is still to happen.

  • The Prime Minister will speak to the public tomorrow.
  • I will go to Pune tomorrow.
  • We will play match next Sunday.


Future Continuous Tense

Future continuous tense is used to say about something will be in progress at a time in future.

  • I shall be going to Chennai next Monday
  • Smriti will be playing Squash.
  • I shall be sleeping.


Future Perfect Tense

Future perfect tense is used to say about completion of an action in future time.

  • Mom will have cooked the food by then.
  • The train will have departed before he reaches station.
  • Drashti will have written the book by then.

Future perfect tense is used when there are two actions happening in future and first action will be completely finished before the next action starts

  • Rohan will have left before you go to see him.
  • You will have come before he sleeps.
  • The movie will have started before we reach there.


Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future perfect continuous tense is used to say about an action which is in progress over a period of time and that will be completed at some time in future.

  • Manoj will have been working in bank for five year by November 2015.
  • Virat will have been batting for three hours.
  • By the end of this month he will be doing this business for five years.