Idioms and phrases starting from C with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Call the dogs off

Stop attacking or criticizing someone.

Call the shots

You are in charge and tell people what to do

Cats and dogs

Heavy rain

Cut and dried

Readymade form

Carrot and sticks

You use both awards as well as punishments to make someone do something

Cap it all

To finish

Cat and dog life

Always arguing

Call on the carpet

Summoned for a reprimand by superiors or others in power

Call the tune

Make the important decisions

Catch someone red-handed

Found doing something wrong and illegal

Cock and bull story

Untrue story

Chase rainbows

Doing something which is not achievable

Chop and change

Keep changing unexpectedly

Confusion worse confounded

Be in further worse position

Class act

Exceptional act

Clean as a whistle

Extremely clean or completely

Clean sweep

Winning everything in contest

Close at hand


Close shave

Very nearly have a serious accident or get into trouble

Cloud nine

Extremely happy


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