Idioms and phrases starting from R with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Raining cats and dogs

Raining very heavily

Raise eyebrows

Shocked or surprised

Rack and ruin

Destroyed or wrecked

Rest is gravy

Remaining is easy

Read between the lines

Understand the meaning which is not clearly stated

Rank and file

Ordinary members of an organisation

Rub shoulders

Meeting and spending time with people

Run into the sand

Failed to achieve result

Read one's mind

When someone says something that you were also thinking about.

Rolling eyes

Looking upward with an expression of contempt condescension, boredom, or exasperation, often combined with a sigh. Used to indicate frustration and annoyance with the stupidity of a person or thing.

Red carpet

Giving special treatment

Rain or Shine

No matter how the weather is

Round the twist

Go crazy

Right and left

In all ways

Rack your brain

Trying to remember something very hard or thinking very hard

Rings a bell

To remember something

Rat race

Ruthless competition or struggle

Root and branch


Real deal

Genuine or good

Red tape

Negative term for official paper work or bureaucracy


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