Idioms and phrases starting from H with their meanings.

Idiom and Phrase


Having a whole of a time

To enjoy very much

Hat trick

Three success one after another

Hard to come by

Difficult to find

Himalayan blunder

A serious mistake

Hold on a sec

To tell someone to wait

Have a ripper

Enjoying your self

Have the guts

Have the courage, brave

Have ants in your pants

Not able to be still because being very excited or worried about something

Hither and tither

Here and there

Heart missed a beat

Being very excited

Hand and gloves

Very intimate/ close friends.

Head for the hills

Running away from trouble

Have eyes bigger than stomach

Desiring more food than one can eat

Herculean task

Tedious job

Head south

Going bad

Hang in there

To tell someone not to give up, or stay persistent

Hard cheese

Hard luck

Have a big mouth

Tells a secret, gossip

Hard sell

Putting lots of pressure to do something

Heart of gold

Kind and caring person


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