Idioms and phrases starting from M with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


My foot!

Not believing in something

Meet ones waterloo

Reach at the final end

Man of means


Might and main

With all enthusiasm

Make a mint

Make a lot of money


Very annoying

Make headway

Make progress

Make a bee line for

To go directly for something

Make up one's mind

Take a decision

Many moons ago

A long time ago

Make a clean breast

To confess something they have done

My pleasure

Happy to do something for someone

Major league

Very important

Milk and water


Make waves

Causing a lot of trouble

My two cents

To give or share your opinion

Monkey around

To waste time here and there

Make castles in the air

Planning something that have very low chance to happen

Man of his word

Person who keeps his promise

Mad as a hornet

Very angry


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