Idioms and phrases starting from T with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Tom Dick and Harry


Time and tide

Course of time

Tit for tat

Taking revenge by taking same action to someone who has done something wrong to you

Twenty four seven

Constantly, Always available

To blow a fuse

To turn someone angry

Take a hike

To tell someone go away in negative way

Through fire and water

In all kind of difficulties

Tooth and nail

With all force

Throw in the towel

Give up or quit

To play ducks and drakes

To waste money

That figures

That makes sense

though thick and thin

Under all conditions

Take it easy

Relax, stop working so hard

To look through coloured glasses

To look at the things not as they are

Totally Slipped My Mind

To forget something

Talk of the town

Famous at that time

Thank goodness

Expression to show relief

Talk turkey

Discuss something frankly

Thick and thin

In all circumstances

To move heaven and earth

To make all possible efforts


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